I am a Nomad, I’ve been traveling this country for the last five years.
I have shared the Stage with: The Listening, Bradley Hathaway, Sleep for Sleepers,
My Epic, Spoken, Themes, and many others…

I have recorded CDs. I have had my music played on TV (Showtimes – American Drug War).
I have spent months and months and months traveling across the US
(8 National Tours combined with several West Coast and Regional Tours)

I am an Artist. From my humble beginnings as a solo artist, I have pushed myself and evolved; We are now a Band..
Combining the skills learned from the years on the road with a big burst of energy,
Our own unique blend of Melodic, Acoustic, Indie-Rock is exciting!

We love what we do and look forward to the remainder of this year;
the release of our new CD this Summer,

as well as our upcoming National Tours in support of this Record…

We are Nomads, we are Artists, we play music, we entertain
we love what we do,

WE are Brian Griffing the Band