Life is a Journey. That's a fact. And these last few years have been an Adventure.
        Three years ago I decided it would be a good idea to start touring. And so I did. All of a sudden I wasn't Just Brian, I was Brian Griffing. And things progressed from there. My first Tour lasted for 2 and a half months and took me all up and down the West Coast. I learned alot. Like how to play in front of people (up until that point I had only played a handful of local shows). I went back home to Spokane, WA. I took a break to recorded a CD (The House EP). I learned a lot I started to develop more of my own sound. My friends describe it as eclectic and "the Radiohead of Acoustic".
        I describe it as experimental, Bluesy, Acoustic, Indie-Rock (since you asked).

Life is a Journey. My second year I went on tour for Six Months, in a row. I grew a lot. I started to develop a show and learned how to entertain. I lived on the Road. I still come alive on the Road. And in the process I took my first long Trek across the Country as far east as Ohio, and all up and down the West Coast again. I came home. I was tired... I recovered. I wrote some new songs. I hit the Road again.

Life is a Journey. This last Year and a half has been the most exciting of all (to me anyways). I have circled the country three times, going as far South-east as Augusta, GA (via California of course). And as far North East as Wilmington, OH and back home(to Spokane, WA). I have played well over 100 shows at Venus Ranging from your average (or above average) Coffee Shop, to the Gorge Amphitheater (in George, WA). I have met and played along side a lot of wonderful people; including, . Bradley Hathaway, Rookie of the Year, All Get Out, The Listening, and many others.

Life is a Journey, and I am not at it's end (I hope). I am excited for the future, many shows, new music, new records, more people. You should be excited too.

So join the Adventure, because this is Life