Live painting at a bar church

I painted these three paintings this past winter during a sermon series at Seaside, a church in Spokane which meets at a bar/concert venue called A Club. The sermon series was about the first kings of the nation of Israel and…

What environments am I creating for myself, and what environments am I creating for others?”

Erwin Mcmanus

At a Christian leadership conference called Catalyst which my wife and I attended this spring, I saw Mcmanus give a speech that changed the path of my life in a crucial way. His lecture explained how he has shifted his focus from being the preaching pastor of an innovative and successful church in LA called Mosaic to realizing his new calling as an artist in film and fashion.

His message was that we have each been made for a specific purpose, a calling that we are specifically designed to complete. This calling may go against social logic, but when we live out our calling we will prosper in it, and we will enjoy it to the fullest. It will still take work, but will come naturally the way water gravitates to the fastest path down a hill.

I have always known that fine art will forever be a part of my life, but I have always questioned the extent until this spring. During Mcmanus’ talk I had the epiphany. I was designed to be an artist. And so it is with every effort that I move further towards and into that. My wife and I moved into an apartment with a room for a studio in a part of town where the rent is cheap. I am still using my degree in graphic design, freelance and part time to make a little income. Out of school, for now, these coming months I will focus on a series of oil paintings.

People get burt out in a stale environment. It can become toxic. An enlightening environment in contrast can promote positive thought, growth, and wellbeing. I take it upon myself to create environments that uphold faith, hope, and love.